Ethereal Delusions sets release of emotionally charged ‘Gravis’ EP for April 2

 Media contact: Anthony DeMarco,

 CORVALLIS, Ore. – Electronic musician Ethereal Delusions announces the release of the emotionally charged  EP “Gravis” April 2 on and all major streaming services.

 Ethereal Delusions is the work of Corvallis-based electronic musician and intermedia artist Jon Thomson.

 “Gravis” is an intensely personal sonic journey through despair, catharsis and reawakening. The opening track “OR-NM” traces the literal and metaphysical flight of Ethereal Delusions from Oregon to New Mexico as a means of escape from the harsh realities of a life in turmoil. “Skyline” featuring vocalist Maria DeHart and “Winter-Lullaby” guide the listener through a bleak landscape of despair and heartache. “Procession” and an instrumental-only version of “Skyline” complete the journey not to happiness, but acceptance and self-realization of a new life ahead.

 “The human mind and heart are a complicated thing,” says Thomson. “The winter of my life has passed. Spring is blooming and all the bright possibilities of my life to come are on the horizon. This [Gravis] is my release, my catharsis. This is my message to those around me and to the universe that it’s over. My life is moving forward into a new season.”

 “Gravis” is the fifth album by Ethereal Delusions and marks a stylistic departure from previous releasees, drawing heavily on cinematic and orchestral devices. Previous releases, including the full length 2018 album “The Reformation,” are inspired by synthwave, 1980s pop and jazz.

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